Flavors and Frosting

Deep Dark Chocolate
      Try it with:  Chocolate Ganache Filling
Creamy Milk Chocolate
      Try it with:  Chocolate Chunk Buttercream
Classic White
      Try it with:  Blackberry Filling
Golden Vanilla
      Try it with:  Raspberry Filling
Buttery Yellow
      Try it with:  Citrus Buttercream
Swirled Marble
      Try it with:  Chocolate Buttercream
Sinful Red Velvet
      Try it with:  Snow White Buttercream
Fresh Carrot
      Try it with:  Cream Cheese Filling
Tangy Lemon
      Try it with:  Blueberry Filling
Refreshing Key Lime
      Try it with:  Coconut Cream Filling
Smooth Kahlua
      Try it with:  Chocolate Buttercream
Tiramisu Crème
      Try it with:  Chocolate Espresso Filling 
Dark as Night Black Forest
      Try it with:  Tart Cherry Filling
Roasted Hazelnut
      Try it with:  Classic Buttercream
Island Coconut
      Try it with:  Tropical Fruit Filling
Italian Amaretto
      Try it with:  Almond Buttercream
Bubbly Champagne
      Try it with:  Classic Buttercream 
Don’t see what you want?  Don’t fret – the chef takes requests!